World Backup Day

What did you do for World Backup Day?  March 31st?  You didn’t do anything?  OMG!  Well, I didn’t do anything either for this pseudo holiday that was probably made up by some manufacturer. However, as it was intended to do, I stopped to think about computer backup.  Many businesses are unable to recover from disasters and go out of business.  One of the reasons is that their customer data, designs, procedures, and whatever data they had is lost.  

Comspec has taken the latest technologies and implemented an affordable solution for small businesses. We use a multi-layered approach that combines an on-site backup device for quick recovery and low-cost offsite storage for disasters, such as fire or theft.  All data is encrypted at multiple stages to protect your sensitive information.  Smart backup technology is essential insurance to ensure that your smart business continues to operate in the face of disaster.  Happy (belated) World Backup Day!