Celebrate Reading

I recently attended an event called "Celebrate Reading and Movie Night" put on by the Hui O' Momilani PTSO at Momilani Elementary School.  Having been a past chairperson of this event, I was very curious to see what new things they had in store for us.  This year featured a guest story reader from Illinois!  Jennifer Ward, author of "There was a Coyote that Swallowed a Flea"volunteered to read to the kids via Skype.  The tech staff at the school set up a large projection screen TV showing the book pages with a Skype window.  The results were fantastic!  The story reader was enthusiastic and the kids were really engaged.   In the past, we had the reader hold up their book or project the pages with an overhead projector.  The large screen projection TV made a huge difference in keeping the audience entertained.  It was a great night and a great application of technology.