New from Comspec GPS

“With Comspec's new GPS program I am able to track all vehicle activities. I am very happy that I am able to monitor my vehicles’ DTC allowing me to set preventative maintenance schedules."  - Alvin Unciano,  Honolulu Cookie Company


NEW System-wide Upgrade and Subscription Plans

With the newly upgraded Comspec GPS system, you'll help your drivers and their vehicles stay safer and get to their destinations more efficiently in ways that are smarter for your business.

New Comspec GPS features include:

  • Monitor entire fleets using a customizable and easy-to-use web interface
  • Get speeding and hard accelerations alerts
  • Issue individual ID fobs to drivers who share vehicles
  • Benefit from nationwide Comspec GPS coverage
  • Select the monthly Comspec GPS subscription plan that best fits your business

 Advantage Plan: Equipment included with monthly subscription
       - No up-front equipment investment
       - Rely on equipment that is always under warranty
       - Leasing equipment instead of buying frees up your capital for other investments

 Professional Plan: Customer-owned equipment
       - Lowest cost of ownership