Don't Pay For My Porsche. Our Philosophy.

First of all, I don't have Porsche. I believe in great value, not overpriced excess, so I drive a reasonably priced, performance sedan. Can you guess what it is? Mercedes? Acura? Infiniti? Hah, it’s a Pontiac! Stop laughing. The Pontiac G8 received great reviews as a 4 door sports sedan that’s been compared to a BMW at half the price. It has a whopping American V8 engine and great handling. My IT manager also believes in the concept and drives a Scion FRS, which is a budget friendly, two door sports coupe that is a real scorcher and tuned to impress.

So what’s my point? Go for high performance at a reasonable price. It is common for the most expensive option to be overpriced because the technology is new and vendors charge a premium for it.

The best combination of price and performance is commonly in the mid to high-midrange region. Carefully consider the return on value versus price. My company believes in the right solution, for the right situation, at the right price. Although, if you want to pay me a high fee so I can buy a new Porsche, I’m fine with that.

Ask us about providing IT and GPS services for your business. - Greg