10 Reasons GPS Tracking Will Work for Your Business

 1. Find vehicles in the event of an accident or injury. One of our customers sends technicians to work in remote locations and can see whether they arrived and left the site safely.

 2. Identify vehicle theft and pinpoint vehicle location for recovery. One of our customers noticed on the tracking screen that one of their vehicles was missing. They then used the GPS tracking to recovery the vehicle quickly.

 3. Document customer pickup and delivery times to avoid customer complaints. Customers may ask for refunds because their tour or delivery was late. GPS tracking can be used to verify that you were on time and on schedule.  One of our tour companies has used this to effectively reduce these situations.

 4. Optimize vehicle routes to save on time and fuel expenditures. There was a famous study by UPS that showed making left turns slowed down deliveries and used more fuel. They took this data and made appropriate adjustments to improve their efficiency and fuel usage.

 5. Know where your $100,000 vehicles is. If I was responsible for a fleet of expensive vehicles, I would sure like to know where they are at all times.

 6. Know where your passengers are at all times. Transportation companies are responsible for the lives of their passengers. Vehicles can be quickly found if they are late, lost, hijacked, or in an accident.

 7. Know where your valuable cargo is at all times. Cargo can be in the thousands or even millions of dollars.  Prevent theft and loss of property with GPS vehicle tracking.  You can also monitor whether your delivery is on-time or stuck in traffic.

 8. Combine GPS tracking with vehicle diagnostics and monitor fuel mileage and maintenance issues. A vehicle's built-in computer provides error codes that show when something is wrong and needs maintenance.  The computer may also provide fuel mileage which can be used to assess whether the vehicle is operating properly.

 9.The best GPS tracking systems include roadside assistance. Implement a complete solution for your vehicles. Track them, monitor their performance, and have a roadside assistance plan for towing, jump starts, lockouts and running out of gas.

 10. Be green. Combine GPS tracking with vehicle diagnostics to ensure vehicles are in tip top shape which results in reduced fuel consumption and emissions.