Comspec is an IT and technology business focused on making your business run smoothly and more efficiently.  Let us take care of your computer & networking problems so you can focus on making money. Our engineers have helped many different types of businesses including medical, healthcare, engineering, architecture, real estate, finance, & payroll.  Comspec can supply computer hardware or we can work with what you have.  We can install, repair, & troubleshoot so you don’t have to.  We provide intelligent solutions that fit your needs & budget.

Malware and Viruses | Blue Screen | Hard Drive Failure & Data Recovery | Slow Computer | Network Issues
— Top 5 Computing / IT Problems

Comspec puts smart technology to work for you.



Businesses need computers that work. Whether buying new or repairing an old one, it's imperative to have a computer that is reliable and meets your needs.

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Optimize your network with matching business-quality components that keep your business up and running.

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Data Backup

Fire, theft, flooding, equipment failure, or other disasters can wipe out years of work and put you out of business. Prevent this with reliable backup solutions and a business continuity plan.

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IT Security

Security breaches have gone from rare events to facts of life. Companies with personal and financial information need to protect themselves and their clients with secure technology.

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Cloud Services

Modern businesses requires modern solutions. The cloud provides innovative and cost effective solutions that are integral for today's businesses.

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Specialized telephones for hospitality, healthcare, and government. Custom features make our phones unique.

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