GPS Keeps the Party Rolling


Here’s a good news, bad news story.  The bad news is that one of our good customers, A&B Party Rentals, had their truck stolen.  The manager noticed that it was missing on their camera system.  To assist with future incidents, their GPS system is now also configured to send an alert for any off-hours usage.  It is very important for this truck to be available so they can deliver bouncers, games, tables, and tents to their customer’s parties.  Like many other businesses, they would be out of commission without their delivery vehicle.

Now the good news.  A&B Party Rentals uses Comspec GPS to track and manage their vehicles.  With the aid of Comspec GPS Vehicle Tracking, they were able to direct the police to recover the truck in just an hours’ time!  The vehicle was found and there was minimal disruption to their operations.  A potential disaster was averted thanks to A&B Party Rentals' smart use of technology to improve their business.  Party on!

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