Easily accessible GPS vehicle tracking improves fleet efficiency and reduces cost.



•Vehicle Location
  Street or satellite maps

•Vehicle Speed
  Monitor driver safety and fuel usage

•Custom Reports
  View extensive reports on vehicle history

•Customizable User Interface
  Configure interface to user preference

•Traffic Data
  Real time traffic conditions on map

•Real time alerts
  Be alerted to speeding, excessive idling, after-hours usage, and more

  Identify key locations on the tracking display

  Track travel to and from specific areas

•Estimated Miles per Gallon
  Monitor vehicle fuel usage

•Google Maps and Google Earth
  Detailed mapping data and export capability

  Track excessive idling to save on fuel costs



•Includes Standard Features

•Diagnostic Monitoring
  View vehicle trouble codes

•Miles per Gallon* 
  Monitor vehicle fuel usage
* - Some vehicles do not support this feature

Example: Tracking a vehicle's history through your internet browser



More Features: