Internet Fax

Stop sending faxes the "old way." Using Comspec's new fax service allows your team to send and receive faxes in a fast and secure way.



Why choose Comspec Fax?

Comspec Fax incorporates the benefits of analog fax, internet fax, and fax servers into a complete all-in-one solution. It's perfect for individuals and small business that want to keep their existing fax machine, but send faxes over the internet, too. With Comspec Fax, users have all of the basic faxing features that they're used to while also gaining the ability to securely send, receive, store, and manage all of their business documents via machine and computer.

Comspec Fax will:

  • Greatly reduce material usage for paper and toner
  • Save you money by eliminating the phone line requirement and keeping your number
  • Fax, Scan, and Print with any fax machine
  • Increase security while sending, receiving, and viewing faxes
  • Maintain availability, safety, and redundancy of your documents through theft, loss, and disaster
  • Deliver faxes to one or multiple email accounts as standard PDF or TIFF attachments
  • Allow mobile accessibility from any web-enabled computer, smart phone, or tablet
  • Provide permissions-based access for authorized employees and users

Other Features: 

  • Works with both analog and VoIP phone systems
  • Connects any standard fax machine to the Internet
  • True Multi-User – share/send/receive
  • Connect and manage every fax machine and MFP (multi-function printer) in your global enterprise
  • Connect users and machines, regardless of location
  • Store and manage documents online in secure archive